Hi - I'm Nick.

I make pictures with data. Sometimes, when the pictures are particularly good, I build products with them.

At work, the pictures and products I make usually rely on huge amounts of healthcare data. I can tell you that they are really awesome, but they usually won't be posted on this site. This site will focus on much more mundane information, but I'll try really hard to make these pictures cool, too.

For the most part, I'm not stubborn with technologies. Data is data, and sometimes the best tool is the one you have at the ready. That said, I usually use some combination of the following: Javascript, D3.js, Excel, MSSQL, Python, Illustrator, Photoshop

I live in Cambridge in Harvard Square. I don't spend all of my weekends building graphs - sometimes I hop around the city and even cross the river now and then into real Boston. I buy video games but rarely get past the first level. I collect records and occasionally play them. Also I love dumplings, but who doesn't.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.